Connection Point is honoured to host a variety of individual practitioners, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

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Bethany is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and offers health coaching sessions, specializing in integrative hormone (perimenopause/menopausal) management and women's nutrition. Click here to learn more

Online Wellness Coaching

Bethany Reeves

Bonnie is a Registered Massage Therapist and Reflexology practitioner. To book an appointment with Bonnie, please contact us, or call her directly at 587 - 897 - 8806. 

Massage Therapy & Reflexology

Bonnie Brading

Cheryl is a compassionate and knowledgeable mental health provider. She has over 14 years of experience with coaching and is in the process of completing her Masters in Counselling Psychology. Sessions with Cheryl are offered at a reduced rate. Click here to learn more

Certified Life Coach & Intern Counsellor

Cheryl McMeeken

Christine is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and offers health coaching sessions by appointment. To book a free consultation with Christine, contact her.

Health Coaching

Christine Neveu

Johnathan is an experienced clinical social worker (MSW, RSW) and offers individual and group based health services. Johnathan is also an educator and consultant for the business, government, and nonprofit sector. Click here to learn more.

Counselling, Consulting, & Mindfulness

Johnathan Kuipers

Kate (MSW, RSW) is a passionate difference maker who is willing to disrupt the status quo to build health solutions that produce positive desired outcomes. She is a seasoned social worker and offers a uniquely solution focused approach to her work. Click here to learn more.

Counselling, Education, & Health Consulting

Kate McGoey-Smith

Laura is a registered social worker (MSW, RSW) and has been providing mental health therapy for over 5 years and has focused on working with children, adolescents, and families dealing with a range of diverse challenges. Click here to learn more and contact Laura.

Counselling & Social Work

Laura Pope

Natalie is an experienced registered therapeutic counsellor (RTC), shiatsu therapist, and author who provides individual and group services, often focusing on relationship struggles.  Click here to learn more and contact Natalie.

Counselling, Shiatsu, & Reiki

Natalie Jovanic

Tanis is a season social worker (MSW, RSW) of over 20 years and author of several books. She provides individual counselling, particularly for those on a trauma recovery journey. Click here to learn more and contact Tanis.

Counselling & Social Work

Tanis Petry

Katie has a Masters of Social Work (MSW, RSW) and over 10 years of professional experience helping people. She has assisted many different people, with diverse concerns, and she would be honored to support you on your journey of life. Click here to learn more and contact Katie.

Counselling, Coaching, & Reiki

Katie Roberton