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Collaborating to develop sustainable practices and build professional confidence and competence.

Professionals and paraprofessionals of all ages and stages may find themselves at a place in their careers where they are searching autonomy, guidance, or advancement.

Individuals and organizations in a variety of sectors may find themselves in challenging situations and see value in gaining an outside perspective.

I offer support in the following ways:

Supervision and Case Consultation

Working in private practice can often be an isolating experience. Finding colleagues who understand this and align with your practice framework are essential elements to staying invigorated in our work.

I offer clinical consultation and supervision for health professionals in order to unpack challenging client situations, explore possible avenues for meaningful intervention, and support clinicians on their journey of self-care and professional development.

Group supervision opportunities may also come available from time to time. Please contact me for more information.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Conflict and unresolved issues can lead to toxic stress and as a result, productivity will undoubtedly be impacted.

Mediation and conflict resolution services are offered to individuals and organizations that are looking to actively work through challenging situations. These could include but is not limited to:

  • Employee or employer misconduct

  • Harassment and discrimination issues

  • Organizational restructuring


Ethical dilemmas present themselves in many different ways and it can be challenging to address them, given the multitude of considerations that need to be taken into account.

Consultations with regard to ethical decision making are offered in order to gain perspective, weigh options, consider outcomes, plan implementation, and mitigate risk.

Policy and Procedure

Specialized audits of policy and procedure can be requested in order to assess how well todays diversity and social justice concerns are addressed in your documents.


Agencies receive a comprehensive written report with recommendations based on research evidence and human rights legislation. This may also be followed up with an implementation plan and further consultation.


Sometimes tragedy strikes and the work environment is thrown into turmoil.

Regardless of the sector, employees, volunteers, and others in the work environment are exposed to challenging and often traumatic situations. Without taking time to debrief, the effects of burnout, compassion fatigue, and decreased productivity/effectiveness can begin to settle in.

Debriefing services are offered to agencies and individuals who have experienced or witnessed critical incidents within the work environment.

Private Practice Considerations

Running a private practice involves a lot of consideration and ongoing maintenance. For those who are starting out, making key business decisions early on will help guide your movement towards growth and sustainability.

Those with established private practices may be looking to diversify their network and gain new perspectives on clinical supervision and business considerations.

Business consultation sessions involve looking at where you currently are, and where you would like to be. We can collaborate on getting all of your paperwork in order, review your current state to ensure compliance with applicable legislation, or perhaps work through challenging scenarios.

I welcome an email or a phone call to chat more about what your needs are.

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